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Moshi Diocese at P.O. Box 3011, Moshi, KL TZ - Solar for St. James

Solar for St. James

In America, we turn on a switch and there is light.   It is unusual for the power to go out.   Perhaps we lose power during a bad storm but it’s usually back on quickly thanks to the dedicated utility personnel.   Contrast this with the country of Tanzania, for example, where the power is hydroelectric (generated using water). In this country, there are two seasons – dry and wet.   During the wet season, there is plenty of water – and also fairly regular power service.  During the dry season, you may read news stories about how the power is being rationed; the hydroelectric power plants must be shut down because there is no water.  There may be no power for lights, refrigerators, computers, televisions, and the many other electrical items that we rely on in the US but become a luxury in Tanzania.
Let there be light at St. James Seminary, Moshi, TanzaniaA group of 15 Americans from Ohio visited the Moshi Diocese, Tanzania in August 2009 with Fr. Peter Siamoo.  We were there just at the beginning of the dry season.   The power only went out 3 or 4 times on us during our two week visit and it came back on fairly quickly. A few months later, as I tried to stay in touch with my contact in Moshi, Fr. Matthew Munishi, I learned that the power was only available infrequently so the computers were not an option for communications.   The telephones at the seminary are also connected to the power.
The Moshi Diocese Seminary Foundation (MDSF) provides financial support for the minor and major seminaries of the Moshi Diocese, Tanzania.  We have been promoting the sponsorship of seminarians for two years now ($800 per year for a major seminarian). We are now expanding our support of the seminaries as we put together the plans and seek donations of expertise, materials and funding for a two phase solar panel project to be installed at St. James Seminary in Moshi. Phase 1 will take place in July 2010 with Phase 2 following in July 2011 – each phase to coincide with the ordinations of some of our sponsored seminarians.  With phase 1, we’ll install the solar equipment needed to support the rectory and offices at the seminary. We’ll validate the availability of the required materials, power requirements, and technical support with phase 1. The second phase will be of a larger scale to provide solar power coverage for the classrooms, dormitories, kitchen, dining hall and bathrooms.   Have you ever willingly taken a cold shower?   What would you do if you had no choice? 
            Power is expensive in Tanzania and sometimes, it’s intermittent at best. Our solar project will make a difference for St. James Seminary in the Moshi Diocese, which is the source of many of our local African priests.   They are a tremendous gift to us; let’s pull together to give them back the gift of light – and consistent power for their computers, refrigerators, computers – and hot water!    Asante sana; thank you very much for your prayers and financial support of this project.   Mungu akubarikie; God bless you.

How to help

If you would like to support the Solar for St. James Seminary project, donations can be sent to:
Youngstown Diocese
Misssions Office
144 W. Wood St., Youngstown, OH 44503

Make your check payable to DOY -Solar for St. James
Memo: “MDSF solar project”.

For any question, pleass contact T O Bennett
Ph 330 497 6149



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